All Roads Technician Apprentice Luke

Why Join the Program from One of the First Participants

Luke graduated high school early and soon applied for the All Roads Technician Apprenticeship Program at Vermeer All Roads in Summerville, South Carolina. He chose to join the program because it would allow him to work with his hands. Over his first few weeks, he started to enjoy the company and his work environment. Once Luke graduates from the Apprenticeship Program, he plans to become a full-time technician with the Summerville team, who can rely on him to do the job right.

Working with his mentor has provided Luke with a wealth of knowledge. He expressed that his mentor does a great job of showing him the right way to do things while also explaining why. One of the most valuable lessons Luke has learned is to be patient and pay attention to detail. When working with machines, it’s crucial not to overlook anything because sometimes the smallest issue can cause the biggest problem.

Luke has already received his Level 1 Certification from Vermeer! He is a valuable asset to the Vermeer All Roads team, and we look forward to watching his continued growth and success.

All Roads Technician Apprentice Luke with Managers in Summerville, SC